Exception #1440284226

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Fractal Short Film
Exception #1440284226
Random Manifestations of 4th Dimension
Exceptions is a series of abstract, generative-art non-narrative short films exploring manifestations of 4th dimension objects in our space. An open and ongoing project started in spring 2015 as a research on integrating generative design structures and 3D fractals with VFX pipeline and filmmaking.
3D Fractals are very elusive CGI beings. There are no polygons, no vertices and they wouldn't come to Maya, 3D MAX or C4D even if you asked very kindly. It took to learn GLSL programming, understand how raytracing and path tracing works on mathematical level and develop a bunch of tools and workflows to make my vision come true. 
Huge thanks to supportive community at fractalforums.com.

Detail Stills
Taken from an 8K Cover Still

The Process #3
Developing of the fractal digital heart animation - a step before compositing and matchmoving.
The Process #2
Motion Tracking & Matchmoving. Piece of cake in standard 3D software and VFX pipeline, but a was a real challenge to apply camera movement data within "primitive" fractal rendering software. Took a bit to code the tools and polish the workflow.

Before I got there…
The first test showing successful matchmoving between live-action footage and 3D fractal stuff coded in GLSL and rendered in fragmentarium.

The Process #1
Shooting a 4:00 mastershot using a steadicam and rollerblades. Kudos to my buddy Maciej Tomków for his unique skillset and help on this one. The shot was time-remapped to 2:30 for the final.

We share our skills
If you're interested in learning more about the techniques we use, make sure to sign up at kizny.com. Exception shorts is a series so make sure to follow us on BehanceVimeo and Facebook for more. 
Thanks for watching!

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