About the film
For The Light And Darkness is a visual story loosely inspired by the ancient Manichean idea of a primeval conflict between the spiritual world of light and material world of darkness.
"Manichaeism taught an elaborate dualistic cosmology describing the struggle between a good, spiritual world of light, and an evil, material world of darkness. Through an ongoing process that takes place in human history, light is gradually removed from the world of matter and returned to the world of light, whence it came. Its beliefs were based on local Mesopotamian gnostic and religious movements. [Wikipedia]"
In director's perspective, all events of the world are part of the eternal cycle of changes between powers of light and darkness. The primary visual layer depicts main characters - an ethereal dancer (Light) and a mighty shaman (Darkness) as they trade the powers. The secondary layer features powerful and rich symbolic imagery to illustrate the transitions of power.
Dorota Jastrzębska (Light)
Aminatu Danesi (Darkness) - Courtesy of SPP Models
original idea, production & direction / Patryk Kizny
assistant director / Aga Gonczarek

director of photography / Krystian Stępień
editor / Aga Gonczarek
online editor, vfx & color grading / Patryk Kizny
3d modelling artist / Riley Schmidt
makeup & stylist / Klaudia Pytlarz
hair stylist / Remigiusz Kubisiak
costume designer / Aga Gonczarek
set decoration and sewing / Natalia Brząkała 
camera gimbal operator / Maciej Tomków
focus puller / Krzysztof 'Morda' Kozłowski
special thanks to
SPP Models / ACR Systems / Film Studio CETA Wrocław / Erka film
© Copyright Kizny Visuals

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