Gateway is a personal computer brand of iconic status from the 1990s which was revived in 2020 following its acquisition by Acer in 2007.

Supported by the creative superpowers of Kizny Visuals, Company X carried out a powerful launch of new products. With the cow used as a mascot to maintain Gateway’s quirky image, the brand has now been brought into the future!

Following the success of our marketing content of 2020 and 2021, we were asked to create a new film for the Gateway Gaming Series - this time establishing a fresh aesthetic appealing to younger gamer audiences.

Game on!

Client: Walmart / ESI / Gateway / Microsoft / Intel
Production Company: Company X
Executive Producer: Anthony Pietromonaco
CG Studio: Kizny Visuals
Animation Director: Patryk Kizny
3D: Rafał Droździk, Riley Schmidt
Compositing: Rafał Droździk, Artur Żarejko
Music & Sound Design: Michał Szablowski

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