Patrick Kizny
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Think fast and do even faster.

⭕️ people call me:
a doer, amper, trailblazer

⭕️ people remember me as:
brand sculptor, creative dissector, pandesigner, clarity seeker, purpose evangelist, early abandonner, advancemeister, techspressionist, hype/drive operator, veneriprentice, disruptive zennovator, yodic mentor, collapse marketer, film purector & deducer, cinematic wondernaut, astrophotographer, VFX dupervisor, code magician, copybuster, creackerjack… a bragger and a jackass at times.

⭕️ people don’t see:
free jazz, cool & postbop lover jamming bass clarinets, tenor sax and tidal cycles. The raccoons do. Born Feb 27, same as Dex, only 60y later.

I run KiznyHypergalactic.
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