Kizny Visuals has been commissioned by our long-term client, Speed Track Productions to partner on producing a corporate film for the launch of the Lexus Riyadh Showroom – the largest Lexus facility in the Middle East.
We were responsible for direction, cinematography and post production of the film while Speed Track assured full production service in KSA.
The film narrates through the history of Lexus in the Middle East and their partnership with Abdul Lateef Jameel, the process of building of the largest showroom and guides through finished facilities.
Showing the construction process required subsequent visits to the construction site spread across 2015 and 2016. Kizny Visuals used motion-controlled timelapse expertise extensively for this part of the narrative. For presenting the historic part where only low-technical quality media were available, the team proposed a cinema-stylized CGI intro, which allowed to improve the visual quality and narrative.
Abdul Lateef Jameel / Lexus KSA
Drive Dentsu
Production House
Speed Track Productions
Post production
Kizny Visuals
Joey Aman
Director / DP
Patryk Kizny
2nd unit DP
Victor Rius
Mat Zdziebko
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